Sunday Meditations


Maybe we haven’t realized what a perilous path we're on. This world is a treacherous place for Christians. “All that is in the world,” John said, “is not of the Father.” The world is wonderfully attractive. It includes all that our fallen nature craves (the lust of the flesh), everything we look on with desire (the lust of the eye), and all that drives us to win life’s games (the pride of life) (I John 2:15-17). God stamps “Handle with Care” on this world’s systems.  Does that mean we should withdraw into monkish retreat, or refuse all pleasure in things God created for our enjoyment (I Tim. 6:17)?  Not at all. But it does warn us that the world is potentially a subtle, deadly poison, that the things most esteemed by us humans are an abomination to God (Luke 16:15)—and that we can’t love both God and the world.     Blessings, Richard Kirby






May 31:Youth led service & meal
June 7: Alan Henderson

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June 5-13: Honduras mission trip
June 7: Diaper shower for Odum's
June 21: Father's day
June 28: Ladies meeting 5:30pm



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