Thank you to those who served at bridging the gap

Sunday Meditation 

by Richard Kirby


We’re commanded to love God with all our hearts. We’ll find Him, we’re told, when we seek Him with our whole hearts. But what if we don’t possess our hearts entirely? What if our hearts are divided, parceled out to our work, our comforts and pleasures, our ambitions, our finances? What if they’re weakened by fear or shattered by tragedy? If we aren’t in full possession of our hearts, how can we give them entirely to God? When we come into God’s presence to pray, do we bring hearts undistracted, undivided; or are we double minded? As we live our daily lives, do our attitudes and actions broadcast the signal, “Holy to the Lord”? Holiness has been understood to consist in drab attire, eccentric behavior, and outwards expressions of piety. But holiness means one thing only—given entirely God. We must possess our hearts in order to surrender them to God.

                                                Blessings, Richard Kirby











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