A cut flower placed in water will survive and even thrive for a time; but soon, cut off from its life source, it will wither and die. Civilizations are like that too. As long as they have a transcendent reason for their morality, they can flourish; but when they lose the fear of divine judgment, men lose the only dependable constraint on their innate lawlessness. Like the unrighteous judge in Jesus’ parable, they "fear neither God nor man” (Luke 18:4); they go where their sinful hearts lead them. As each generation of Americans believe less and less in judgment, hell, and a final accounting for their lives, they become more and more lawless. How could it be otherwise?  A purely secular people, without belief in unchanging moral law and fear of a being judged according to that law, are like cut flowers, with nothing in themselves to prevent their inevitable decay. Blessings, Richard Kirby

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