Sunday Meditation 

by Richard Kirby



I’d like to register a mild protest against certain terminology. Some people like to say that Jesus “hung out with publicans and sinners.” I reject the aimless informality implied by that term. His food was to do the Father’s will. There was a holy purposefulness in everything He did. It’s true: “All the publicans and sinners drew near to Him to hear Him, "and He didn’t send them away. He spent time with them, as a physician does with the sick. But nothing in Scripture suggests the lounging, carefree camaraderie with His chums implied by this expression. When some invited Him to dinner, Jesus ate with them and spoke words of life to them while He ate. He once insulted His host by reading his thoughts and scolding him. Once He lectured the guests for jostling for the best place at table. Please. Could we stop saying that Jesus “hung out”?
                                           Blessings, Richard












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