Sunday Meditations

One key to understanding our uneven Christian testimony is to recognize that we believe and don’t believe at the same time. We know that we believe because we’ve staked our lives on the truths of Scripture. We’re trusting Christ alone to save us and we publicly confess His Name. But we know that we don’t believe because the cares and worries about worldly things prevent us from enjoying the full fruits of our faith. We fret and worry just like our unsaved neighbors. “Don’t be anxious about anything,” Jesus said: “Your Heavenly Father knows that you have need of these things.” One man said to Jesus, “Sir, I believe; help my unbelief.”  If truth were told many of us can identify with that poor fellow. We believe, and because we believe, we boldly bear the name of Christ. But we often worry like people who have no Heavenly Father. Blessings, Richard Kirby



Jan. 25:

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