Thank you to those who served at bridging the gap

Sunday Meditation 

by Richard Kirby

             We would never base an important doctrine on a subjective experience or a testimony apart from clear scriptural teaching. The Devil can fabricate false experiences, false miracles, and false gifts in order to deceive us. So we’re justifiably cautious about believing every testimony, especially those of an extraordinary nature, and should weigh everything carefully by God’s Word. On the other hand it’s wrong to ignore the testimonies of other believers if they agree with, or validate, Bible truth. If a doctrine is true, wouldn’t we expect it to manifest itself in the lives of some Christians?  The habit of dismissing out of hand testimonies of credible believers concerning miracles, giftings, and answered prayers robs us; for experiences—ours and others’—can validate and vivify our understanding of, and belief in, the testimonies of Scripture. Perhaps for too long we’ve confined ourselves to the narrow circle of our own limited experience.     Blessings, Richard Kirby




Nov. 2: Danny Swafford
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Nov. 16: Alan Henderson

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