Sunday Meditation 

by Richard Kirby

   Psalm 37:5 gives us this encouraging promise: Commit your way to the LORD; trust also in Him, and He will do it. It’s as simple as one, two, three. 1) Commit your way to Him; 2) trust Him implicitly; and 3) He gives you the best possible outcome. We want God to “do it,” don’t we? Our knowledge and power are too uncertain and limited to guarantee a favorable outcome even of our best-laid plans. So we commit them to God. This is a deliberate, confident act, as one deposits money in a bank. Then we trust that God, our banker, knows what to do with our deposit. But it isn’t really trusting if we constantly worry whether our deposit is still there, or if we keep checking on it every day. The one to whom we have committed our way is eminently trustworthy and divinely able to justify our trust.

                                                      Blessings, Richard Kirby




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