When we say without thinking, “God is in control,” we’re reflexively repeating theology, not Scripture. Theologians say, “He doth unchangeably ordain whatsoever comes to pass.” That’s theology, not Scripture. Just think: if that’s true, then He ordained Satan’s defection, our first parent’s sin and all the unspeakable misery of the human condition that followed. If He’s in absolute control, then He’s responsible for everything good and bad. But both Scripture and our own intuition tell us that can’t be so. God chose to limit His own power and control when He created beings with free will, capable disobeying, and thwarting His will. The Bible portrays God with feelings of disappointment, fiery anger, grief; He repents and changes His course in answer to prayer, interacts with us, defers to our choices, is affected by us. His sovereignty is that of a righteous, benevolent king, a heavenly Father, not a dictator or puppet master. Blessings, Richard Kirby








Nov. 29: Alan Henderson "Habakkuk series #5"
Dec. 6:Ray Mooney

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