Sunday Meditations

Such should be our reverence for Scripture that when we come upon enigmatic passages, we don’t run automatically to shallow explanations or throw up our hands in defeat. We must keep them in a special place, from which we take them out from time to time and gaze at them with patient, prayerful hearts. We let them lie buried in our souls, allowing them to give up their meaning in their own time. Jesus spoke in parables so that those without heart or humility to see would not see. But perhaps those same puzzlers, which so confound the proud of heart, are windows into the deeper mysteries of the kingdom of God, placed there for any meek soul, who will give them their due and wait trustingly for the harvest of wisdom. We can be certain that Scripture will not be broken; every jot and title of it is true.    
 Blessings, Richard Kirby





Aug. 2: Alan Henderson
Aug. 9: Alan Henderson

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