Thank you to those who served at bridging the gap

Sunday Meditation 

by Richard Kirby


Christians who are completely surrendered to God are the happiest, most blessed people on earth. They find delicious rest for their burdened souls under the light and easy yoke of Christ. Theirs is a continual feast of “righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit” (Rom. 14:17). As naturally as they breathe they “pray without ceasing and rejoice always.” The “love of God is shed abroad in their hearts by the Holy Spirit” (Romans 5:5).  Half-hearted Christians are not so. They are in some ways the most miserable of people. Unlike sinners who sin without regret, they’re cruelly torn between God and the world. They “make provision for the flesh” and despise themselves for their indulgence. Duty drives them to pray, but they have neither pleasure nor confidence in their prayers. Had they the courage to entrust themselves entirely to their Heavenly Father, what heavenly delights could be theirs!        

  Blessings, Richard








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