Sunday Meditations


Some of us cringe when we hear that our Constitution is “a living document,” understanding that those who speak thus mean that its original intention doesn’t bind us today; it must be reinterpreted according to the demands of each generation. Since it can be manipulated to fit any ideology, it’s not so much a living document, as a useless one.  Some say the same about Scripture. Quoting Hebrew 4:12, “The Word of God is living and active,” they affirm that Bible Truth is not absolute, but must be interpreted “creatively” as the spirit leads. But such a view of Scripture leaves us just where the same view of the Constitution leaves us—with a useless volume. If the Bible can mean anything, then it means nothing. If a creative reading of Scripture justifies (for example) homosexuality, abortion, or social action over personal salvation, then it (like The Constitution) is just paper and ink.
                                      Blessings, Richard Kirby





March 8: Alan Henderson
March 15: Alan Henderson

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