Sunday Meditation 

by Richard Kirby



We live in a doomed, fallen world of hostile forces of evil men and devils. We humans are prone to sin and helpless to comprehend much of the mystery of our existence. Our institutions are corrupt, our justice imperfect, our goals short-sighted, our end inevitable ruin. The only light in this gloom, the only hope of redemption from this mess is an unimpressive network of men and women, redeemed sinners, flawed, fallible folks—I mean the Church of Jesus Christ. For all our shortcomings, I’m afraid we’re it. Sorry, world, but we “alone have the words of eternal life.” If you reject our Good News, there is no other. No political or social reform will save you—only the Gospel we preach and the Savior we offer. I wish we, its bearers, were more commanding, more impressive, less easy to reject; but there it is. This is God’s best offers.    Blessings, Richard Kirby













Sept. 7: Youth service & meal after
Sept. 14 & 21: Alan Henderson

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Sept. 7:Youth service & meal
Sept.12-14:Family retreats in Tenn.
Sept.13: BtG soup kitchen
Sept.20: Savvy Seniors Mnt. trip


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